Mexican Restaurant

It's our honor to serve you at Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant !

Because Life Tastes Better at Ernesto's 

We believe in providing legendary service. Our goal is to provide our customers quality food and drinks along with the unique and personal care they will tell stories about.

Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant is a locally-owned family business.


Our Customers Favorite Dishes

Ernesto's Gordo Burrito is a testament to our dedication of combining quality and quantity for not a lot of spendature

Ernesto's Carne Asada Chimichanga. Grilled Steak. Need I say more? I'll humor you. Inside a crunchy tortillas smothered in green salsa with soft sweet onions, topped with our Mexican cheese blend. It's the mother of all Chimichangas. 

Taqiutos? You bet we have them. Chicken or beef? Its your decision. The best part? You can never go wrong.

Green Chile Quesadilla filled with tender strips of fresh Anaheim Chiles sauteed with sweet onions layered over mouth watering melty Monterrey Jack cheese.

Fried ice Cream

Brazilian style limeade. 

Its so fresh, sweet, and tart. Come in and try a glass. I seriously think you'll want a second helping pronto


You didn't know we had a full beer license? Well we do! 

. Thirsty?? try our Ernestos Margarita and enyoy  

Warm up with the one and only Albondiga soup. A Mexican staple. It's a Mexican Meat ball soup and i have got to tell you the crowds are loving it.

Add a small bowl to any combination dinner for a small additional fee.